igloo building in the arctic

A five day arctic adventure

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The frozen north has captivated humans for centuries.  We’ve put together a 5 day itinerary that takes you to northern Norway.  Learn the art of igloo-building, go cross country skiing and enjoy the adrenaline rush of a RIB boat ride before a glacier hike.

Northern lights, Norway

Northern Lights in Alta, Norway.

Arrive in Alta, one of the most northerly cities in the world.  Tucked well inside the Arctic Circle, with minimal light pollution, you have an excellent chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).  This area is so important in terms of ‘seeing’ the Northern Lights, one of the world’s first Observatories was built here in 1859.


Antarctica Iceberg

RIB boat to Ice Age Glacier

Today you’ll take a RIB boat out to visit Jokerfjord Glacier. Experiencing the remote Jokerfjord and Arctic water travelling at high speed on RIB boats is spectacular, definitely one for the memory banks. The glacier was formed during the last ice age and carves straight into the sea. The Glacier rises 900m above the sea, creating a hard to beat view from the boat.


Snow bikes in the Arctic

FAT Biking & Cross Country Skiing

We have arranged FAT biking and/or cross-country skiing today.  FAT bicycles are designed for the snow making it easier than normal cycling, something little legs we’re sure will be delighted about.  The magnificent Fjords of Norway from the seat of your bike is a pretty special experience for the whole family.

All abilities of skier’s are welcome to learn cross-country skiing with some of Norway’s finest trainers.  The impressive ski networks stretch for miles and cater for all levels.  In Norway, cross country skiing is a national pastime – the trails are brilliantly organised and the atmosphere amongst skiers is fantastic.


Sledding, snowmobiles & Samis

Dogsledding is extremely popular in the Alta area.  The city is host to one of the world’s longest dogsled races.  This morning you’ll spend in the company of the fantastic Alaskan huskies.  The kids will learn the commands of the Norweigan mushers before embarking across the Arctic Wilderness on your sled.


This afternoon a Snowmobile expedition will take you across the beautiful Finnmark Plateau wilderness before arriving at a traditional Sami Lavvu Camp.  You’ll spend time with the Sami tribe people as they herd their reindeer, preparing them for seasonal migration. You’ll get a rare insight into Sami way of life as you camp in a lavvo (Sami tent) for the evening. For thousands of years the people of northern Scandinavia lived a semi-nomadic herding lifestyle.  The Sami culture and history is fascinating, they are extremely proud to share their stories with you.

Northern lights in the Arctic

Ice fishing & Igloo building

After leaving the Sami tribespeople you’ll head back on the snow mobiles.  Your guide will take you inland, where the vivid Arctic colours are spectacular.  Once at a frozen lake, you’ll have the chance to drill through the ice and fish for Arctic char (a fish similar in flavour to salmon or trout).  The kids will help chef prepare some legendary fish soup over an open fire before you retire to your ice hotel for the night.


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Make this adventure yours

We build each and every big wide world adventure and budget from the ground up.  Once we understand your family’s interests, dynamics and the journey you want to make together we will create a hand-crafted trip, just for you. 

Make this Arctic Adventure yours

We build each and every adventure and budget from the ground up.  Once we understand your family dynamics, interests and the journey you want to make, we’ll create your personal hand-crafted trip.

An Arctic Adventure

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With such little time together, we want our families to get the very most out of each adventure they choose to take.  So we’ve compiled a month by month guide on which destination is best to travel and at what time of year.

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