Astronaut in space

Experience Astronaut Training

ASTRONAUT TRAINING A place out of this Big Wide World ready to launch Experience Star City, where you will train as astronauts do when they prepare for the exploration of space.  This is no theme park; this is a real-life training station for astronauts readying to embark on a voyage to the international space station …

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Black rhino south africa

Experience Black Rhino Tracking

Black Rhino Tracking The Fragility of this Big Wide World preserve pre-historic species Experience Black Rhino tracking, set against the stunning backdrop of the South African veldt. The Black Rhino has roamed the world for over 50 million years but without conservation it may not survive the next few decades.  Your family can see this …

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Yosemite Half Dome

Top 6 activities for a Yosemite family adventure

Yosemite national park is one of those places you have to visit in order to appreciate its majestic pull. Although it’s not North America’s biggest park but it is definitely one of the countries best.  Here are our top 6 activities for a family adventure when visiting Yosemite. 1. Expert Led activities We cannot emphasise …

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Underwater diving

What age can children learn to scuba dive?

Diving historical wreck sites and cool caverns is an experience like no other. With children’s natural curiosity and ability to learn new skills, scuba diving is a skill to learn as soon as possible.  Scuba diving programs start for children at age 8.  There are a number of certification bodies involved in learning to scuba dive but …

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Space tourism

How much does it cost to go to Space?

Space tourism prices vary massively, what do you get for $250,000 versus $80 million?  It’s been over 50 years since the moon landings. Branson, Musk & Bezos all have their own aspirations to conquer the final frontier.  With private companies getting in tow with space agencies there are more and more opportunities for private astronauts …

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Snow covered mountain

Mission [IM]possible service: How it works

Some of our clients know what they want.  For others they want something completely new. Something that pushes boundaries. Something that hasn’t been dreamt of yet.  It’s then about the art of the possible. It’s about creating very unique places and moments in time. Here how our ‘Mission [IM]Possible’ process works: 1. We come to …

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galapagos seals on a beach

Galapagos – A land based family adventure

Our founder visited the Galapagos last year and embarked upon a Galapagos family adventure.  Here is a quick look at their trip to the ‘land that time forgot’ and how staying on the islands gave a different perspective. Meeting your destination hero Ever since I can remember I have been entranced by the Galapagos.  Finally, …

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Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda

Itinerary meet the mountain gorilla

MEET THE MOUNTAIN GORILLA Rwanda 5 day example itinerary make this adventure yours Whilst humans are driving some species to the brink of extinction, we are also making a positive difference too. One such success story forms the basis of one of our most life changing experiences: Meeting the Mountain Gorilla. With numbers now in the …

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When is it best to travel to.....?

With such little time together, we want our families to get the very most out of each adventure they choose to take.  So we’ve compiled a month by month guide on which destination is best to travel and at what time of year.

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