We care passionately about our big wide world and spend a lot of time thinking about how our company and our clients interact with conservation efforts to protect it.  For us, tourism and conservation are intrinsically linked: one would struggle to survive without the other. Our vulnerable and fragile world needs protecting and responsible tourism can help put right some of the previous generation’s wrongs. For us there are three pillars: 

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In a world where humans are continuously modifying natural habitat to support growing populations, securing and protecting wilderness areas is critically important for biodiversity conservation.  From shark research in Galapagos to understanding the latest anti-poaching measures in Africa, sustainable tourism can fund projects to help the most endangered

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We believe responsible tourism should not only positively impact the land and the wildlife but also local communities.  Our partners have long-term community development goals that help people living and working locally to thrive – economically, socially and educationally.

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A sustainable world is one in which humans, wildlife and the Earth’s resources co-exist together, each enjoying their ‘fair share’.  We are continually trying to reduce the negative impact we have on the planet and work with partners to improve the areas we operate in, with initiatives including reducing fossil fuel, sustainable management of water, recycling and advocating ethical food procurement.

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With such little time together, we want our families to get the very most out of each adventure they choose to take.  So we’ve compiled a month by month guide on which destination is best to travel and at what time of year.

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