Exploring royal Scotland

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Royalty has played a big part in Scotland’s national life. We are an ancient kingdom and it was under the Scottish King James VI that the crowns of Scotland and England were united in 1603. Today the royal connections are just as strong, and they take many forms.


Come on a regal journey through Scotland’s royal heartlands,

for an insider’s view of the residences, palaces and castles that have woven us into over two thousand years of history. From ancient royal feuds to modern-day royal romances.

A Right Royal Time

Rest your head where royal Scottish heads were anointed. We’ll arrange for the most prestigious sleepover ever, as you bed down for the evening at Scone Palace where the man who secured Scotland’s nationhood, Robert the Bruce, was crowned.


the royal residence

in Edinburgh is the official residence of the Monarch when in Scotland. But it’s the iconic Edinburgh Castle, atop an ancient volcanic rock, that captures the imagination. With a private tour, you’ll be transported to the time of kings and queens, banquets and balls.

royal yacht britannia

Leith, Edinburgh’s historic port is the final berth of the Royal Yacht Britannia, a craft full of royal memories. Enjoy the privilege of a private dinner in its sumptuous surrounds.


Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh

when to go:

April – October

prices from:

£7,650 pp (exc flights)

ideal length:

7 nights

flight time:

90 mins from London/7 hrs from NY

Explore Royal Scotland

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