antarctica itinerary 5-8 days

Antarctica, a true wilderness, where a visit to the worlds greatest continent is the ultimate adventure.

This exclusive  5 or 8 day adventure takes you into the heart of Antarctica.  A visit to the emperor penguins and then finally on to the South Pole make this an immense journey to the Earth’s southernmost tip.

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Antartic Runway

Flight from Capetown to Wolf Fang Runway.

The flight from Cape Town is approximately 5 hours to the Wolf Fang runway in Antarctica.  You’ll cross thousands of icebergs as we head over the Southern Ocean.  During the flight we cross into the polar circle and into 24hrs continuous daylight. Landing on the specialist ice runway, you will transfer to the camp and go for a gentle trek around the Oasis.


The Antarctic

Whichaway Camp, Antarctica

Today your family will settle into camp life and do as much or as little as you like.  With professional polar explorers as your guides, the day’s itineraries are tailored to each individual.  From gentle treks and picnics overlooking the ice waves, to more adrenalin-fueled activities, such as kite-skiing and ice climbing.


King Penguin colony in Antarctica

An Audience with an Emperor 

Penguin day, and for most a real highlight of the trip.  You’ll fly two hours across Antarctica, providing some of the most immense views of the high polar plateau before landing at the Emperor Penguin Colony. Your family will be among the very few who have ever witnessed such a spectacle.  With so few human visitors the birds have no innate fear, allowing you an up-close and personal encounter with these characterful creatures in their natural element.  A moment to cherish forever.

Antarctic Ice

Ice Tunnels, Waves & Science Base

Delving into the series of ice tunnels beneath the camp are as surreal as they are beautiful.  Today you will start the day exploring the ice waves before visiting the nearby science base to learn more about their work. The day ends with a much welcomed sauna.  



South Pole – the holy grail of early explorers

The South Pole is 2,400km from Whichaway Camp.  The first part of the journey is a 5 hr flight to a refuelling stop at FD83.  We stop for an hour before continuing on the final 2 hours to the South Pole.

The South Pole – the lowest point on earth and the holy grail of early explorers.  Your family will walk around the entire world in just a few steps before entering the Amundsen-Scott Science base to learn about their ground-breaking research.

Depending on a variety of factors, we either spend the night at the pole in specialist tents or fly back to FD83.  You will be well looked after as we experience camping in one of the wildest places on earth.

Flags in Antartica

Kite-skiing, Abseilling

Listen to our polar explorer staff about as they tell you some of the lesser known Antarctica History.  For the more adventurous, we can arrange Kite-skiing and abseiling like you’ve never experienced before.  

The flight out of Antarctica will be the last of your unforgettable Antarctic memories before you delve back into the noise and heat of Africa.  You’ll be transferred to your hotel where you will begin the enviable task of reflecting on the adventure of your life.

** Please bear in mind that the South Pole is situated at an apparent altitude of 4,000m with a temperature of -25.  Those with pre-conditions for altitude sickness should not choose this option.  If you are unsure in anyway please contact a member of our team for advice or further assistance.

Make this adventure yours

We build each and every big wide world adventure and budget from the ground up.  Any costs mentioned are to give you a rough idea of price.  Once we understand your family and the journey you want to make we will create a hand-crafted trip just for you. 

An audience with the Emperor

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