heritage & history: a return to roots

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Scotland is steeped in history.  The well-trodden tales of the past from the textbooks only tell you so much though.  Making history personal is how we bring it to life.  And it can’t get any more personal than exploring your roots and having a private tutor take you back in time.

discover your scottish roots with our clan historian

and genealogist.  This exploration can initially be done remotely, via online interaction, followed by a highly personalised trip to visit the Scottish roots of your ancestors ‘on the ground’, taking you back to where it all began.

spend time with our clan historian and learn about your scottish ancestry

scottish heritage

Spend time with our historian, as you relive Scotland’s rich history, exploring the places, personalities and politics of long ago.  This is our nation’s story told with verve, vigour and vivid detail – feel it springing to life on every path travelled, and in every scene surveyed.


visit the places your ancestors lived, worked

and were laid to rest; forming a unique picture of your own past.  

You’ll travel far and wide, across thousands of years.  From marvelling at the mystic wonder of ancient Caledonia and the neolithic Skara Brae, to delighting at the latter day tartan romance of pipe bands, poetry and Highland Games.

Celtic symbol St Andrews, Scotland

meet your past

Establish your family’s clan history, and the significance of that in the context of Scotland’s turbulent history over centuries of alliances and enmities.

Celtic symbol St Andrews, Scotland

when to go:

All year round

prices from:


ideal length:

9 nights

flight time:

90 mins from London/7 hrs from NY

Heritage: A Return to Roots

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With such little time together, we want our families to get the very most out of each adventure they choose to take.  So we’ve compiled a month by month guide on which destination is best to travel and at what time of year.

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