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As children we’re enchanted by fairy-tales and fantasy – they speak to our imaginations.  You don’t need to try hard to find magic in Scotland, you just need to know where to look.  Discover a country full of imaginative adventures, spooky story-telling and exciting expeditions.

immerse yourself in the legends

of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, recreate the adventures of Merida or travel back in time like Outlander.  Explore a James Bond style lair only accessible by air or boat.


this is big screen magic in real life

scotland's magic

Explore the other-worldly allure of Scotland’s outer isles with a boat trip to St Kilda.  A place of haunting beauty, its abandoned village a poignant reminder of the remote community that finally left in 1930.

St Kilda, Scotland
Kilchurn castle, scotland

Feel the chills of scotland's darker side

in the supernatural atmosphere that still grips many of our historic sites today – from the Green Lady of Crathes and dungeons of Edinburgh Castle to the ghoulish stories of Royal Glamis, where a bargain with the devil was struck…

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The boy wizard

Even a muggle can’t fail to feel the magic of Scotland’s Harry Potter connections – he was ‘born’ here after all.  Take a train North (via Platform 9 and 3/4) from London to the Highlands of Scotland, where Harry Potter magic awaits.

Harry Potter scene

when to go:

All year round

prices from:

£4,200pp (exc flights)

ideal length:

7 nights

flight time:

90 mins from London/7 hrs from NY

Scotland: Magic, Myth & Majesty

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