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Take me back tomorrow, I'm ready to see it all again.

Take me back tomorrow, I’m ready to see it all again.

Danielle – BWW Client

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A Land that time forgot: The Galapagos

For nature lovers, there are few places on the planet more exciting than the magical Galápagos Islands. With privileged access to parts of the national park normally off limits, this family enjoyed a truly unique, once in a lifetime adventure.

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Danielle was conscious of the problems facing Galapagos and tourism.  We suggested the family stayed on the islands (rather than the traditional cruise) and found an exclusive use property and some magnificent boutique hotels. All properties we used were owned by Galapagos residents, making sure the local economy benefitted directly from our client’s trip.

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Rare access to the Galapagos National Park:  taking world leading shark research, the family joined a research team as they tagged baby sharks. 

A night under the stars: Accompanied by an astrologer, the family were able to experience the night sky through a pre-positioned telescope deep in the archipelago.

Experiencing island life: Staying in a luxurious villa overlooking Santa Cruz’s harbour allowed the family to fully take in the beauty of Galápagos Islands.

"The Galápagos Islands provide a window on time. In a geologic sense, the islands are young, yet they appear ancient."

Frans Lanting

when to go:

All year round

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ideal length:

10 nights

flight time:

13 hrs from London/18 hrs from NY

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Galápagos Islands a testimonial. Take me back tomorrow, I’m ready to see it all again. Danielle, BWW Client Take me back tomorrow, I’m ready to

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