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BWW acknowledge that global tourism is contributing to the climate emergency with 8% of greenhouse emissions resulting from the travel sector.  We are fully aware we must work with the industry to minimise our carbon footprint.  We understand that offsetting carbon is not perfect and that alongside it we need to do more.

So, what are we doing?

  1. We partner with the World Land Trust to offset our carbon omissions.  As part of our process, each trip we organise has a full audit of the unavoidable carbon generated.  The World Land Trust calculate the total carbon dioxide emissions for the trip and charge accordingly.  The World Land Trust was founded in 1989 and patron’s include Sir David Attenborough and Steve Backshall. 
  2. We source partners who use the most efficient forms of transport, the cleanest and lowest omitting planes, helicopters and vehicles.  
  3. We will heavily promote properties who use sustainable energy to power their properties including, batteries, biomass and solar panel powered properties.
  4. We only work with local partners who bring additional benefits of travelling to their communities and the habitat and biodiversity.  We take into consideration indigenous practices and traditions.  
  5. We are constantly learning and researching new directions of dealing with carbon.
Alongside other 100+ travel companies we have signed the ‘Declaration of Emergency’.  We have pledged to work collectively and tirelessly to be better and to give back to our incredible planet.
To calculate your carbon footprint and see how this is converted into funds have a look at the Carbon Footprints Calcuator here. 

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