22 million kgs of plastic enter our oceans every day. That’s the equivalent of one truckload every minute. And it’s increasing.

protecting +2 million acres of tropical forest

and other threatened habitats.

Since its inception in 1989, World Land Trust (WLT) pioneered the ‘Buy an Acre’ concept of buying land for conservation. Since then they have been instrumental in the purchase and protection of over 2 million acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats. They have also ensured that more than 4 million acres of land is managed under active protection worldwide.


BWW are proud to partner with World Land Trust to offset our carbon omissions. Conservation is intrinsic to each of our family adventures, and as part of our process, each trip we organise has a full audit of the carbon generated. 

The World Land Trust calculate the total emissions for the trip and charge accordingly. Donations made through this scheme go towards their ‘Buy and Acre’ initiative to help protect the world’s most threatened land.


With such little time together, we want our families to get the very most out of each adventure they choose to take.  So we’ve compiled a month by month guide on which destination is best to travel and at what time of year.

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