Meeting the Mountain Gorilla

Our closest relatives in the wild

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Experience meeting these remarkable creatures, our closest relatives in the world of nature.

Their rare intelligence and an awe-inspiring physical presence makes any real-life encounter with them one of the most intense, spiritual wildlife experiences available on our planet.

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With numbers now in the 1000s thanks to the dedicated efforts of conservationists, the gorillas can only be found in two places in sub-Saharan Africa, one of them being the tiny country of Rwanda. 

There, they can be found in the hilly remote jungle areas, environments alive with lush vegetation and greenery, now so familiar to us from wildlife documentaries.

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We build each and every big wide world adventure and budget from the ground up.  Any costs mentioned are to give you a rough idea of price.  Once we understand your family and the journey you want to make we will create a hand-crafted trip just for you. 

Make this Adventure yours

We build each and every adventure and budget from the ground up.  Once we understand your family dynamics, interests and the journey you want to make, we’ll create your personal hand-crafted trip.

Meet the Mountain Gorilla

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Packing for your family safari is something we get asked about alot, so we've created a one page, handy guide to help you on your way.


With such little time together, we want our families to get the very most out of each adventure they choose to take.  So we’ve compiled a month by month guide on which destination is best to travel and at what time of year.

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