Mission [IM]possible service: How it works

Some of our clients know what they want.  For others they want something completely new. Something that pushes boundaries. Something that hasn’t been dreamt of yet.  It’s then about the art of the possible. It’s about creating very unique places and moments in time.

Here how our ‘Mission [IM]Possible’ process works:

1. We come to you

Once you’ve made the decision you’d like to work with us, our team will hot-foot it to you. Armed with curiosity, questions & oodles of imagination we’ll begin the process of understanding what’s important to you and your family.


2. Understanding family dynamics

Understanding your family dynamics is what gives us our super power. Individual interests and dreams help sculpt thrills. We want to design your experience with everybody in mind. This gives us the very best chance to give each member of the family their very own ‘hero’ moment.

Desert plains
Empty road in USA

3. Research, investigation & design

Our research team have the skills and experience needed to turn imagination into reality. Responsible planning and consultation at destinations are the foundations of our mission possible adventures. We will always try and weave a conservation element into our trips – a chance to give back. A cornerstone of our company’s philosophy requires us to make a positive social impact at all of our destinations.

Empty road in USA

4. Sign off

Once you’re happy with the concept we will start putting everything in place. Confirming with subject matter experts, securing your chosen photographer, organising the scientist’s crew, licences, insurances etc.

5. Bon Voyage (plus one)

Our Mission Possible adventures have a core member of the design team accompany your trip. You won’t see them unless you look. They are there to ensure the trip goes completely according to plan so you can relax knowing you’re in the very best of hands.

6. Own your bragging rights

Once home there will only be one thing left to do: brag.

Mission impossible cave

We only take on ten to twelve Mission trips per year, contact us today to start planning your family adventure.

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